We are financial advisors based out of Defiance, Ohio. As we are focused primarily on investment management and retirement income planning, it is very important that we are able to offer the most suitable investment resources to our clients. In order to provide this level of customization and flexibility,  we have joined BCJ Financial Group. This affiliation allows us the opportunity to work with our clients as truly independent advisors, with access to a breadth of investment options.

We also have access to a large network of other independent advisors, a very knowledgeable and active investment committee, and many technological resources to help streamline our business, giving us more time for what is most important – you.


Deborah DeTray

Rest assured, regardless of the name or brand you see, we only work in the best interest of our clients. This is my personal philosophy, and this will never change.

-Deb DeTray, Financial Advisor

Corina Kempe

I believe in keeping an open mind. Over the years, I have found that not everything has a cookie-cutter solution, especially when it comes to a comprehensive approach for wealth accumulation strategies, college tuition planning, and Medicare and tax planning strategies. Through it all, I am committed to putting my clients’ needs first, every time.

-Corey Kempe, Financial Advisor